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Planckendael: Biggest love calf ever

In Planckendael we were able to shoot this magnificent creature a day after it was born. The giraffe is an amazing animal, that’s the least I can say. About 8 minutes, after a stunning 2m drop, the calf get’s up and start walking. The mother cleans the calf almost instantly and makes sure it’s safe in her range. After that, the rest of the family can greet the calf and they can get to know the new family member. These are the first images of the “Biggest Love Calf” in Planckendael history.

These giraffes are an endangered sub specie and look very similar to the endangered giraffes of Niger, where only 200 are left to roam this planet. That’s why Planckendael does not only take part in an european breeding program but also collects donations for the giraffes in Niger. With these donations they build water wells for the local community. By doing this they get rid of the competition, between animal and man, for water. It also strengthens the social and economic situation of the people in these regions and that is how we can try and repair the harmonie between us and animals.

Camera: Amy Reygaert
Edit: Jori Van de Vyver

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