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2 years of happiness with the woman I love, that is what this little film is about… Yes, also about Torino, but mostly a dedication to the woman who puts up with me. Just to give you an example: We went to Torino for our 2 year anniversary (or something like that) and what did I do? I made this film… I mean, thats something most women would not appreciate! But that is one of the reasons why she is so special to me.

To many more years with you my darling!

I tried some new techniques. My first hyper-lapse and some sort of 2.5D time-lapse effect I’m currently working on. You can view this shot around 1.42 min.

Shot with a 7D with 18-85mm, 100mm Macro, 70-300mm
Genus Mattebox with Schneider 0.6 degrade

Edit in PP & AE

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